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Since August, I've been filming my movie 'Affinity Point' with my friends. And I'm now relieved and happy to say that the film is pretty much done! (we still need to finish the audio and film a few second unit shots) It will basically be ready to be viewed in 3 or 4 weeks.
Now, I guess you're wondering what I'm gonna do with it. Well, what I plan to do is take it as far as it can go: submit it to film festivals all around the world until something happens.
Here are the posters for the movie:

It was extremely difficult to make a trailer for our movie, because I didn't wanna give some of the big secrets away. Kinda like making a trailer for Back to the Future and trying the make the preview say that it's not about a dude going back in time. So, the Affinity Point trailer is a little misleading, but it's the best I could do at the moment. I'm gonna try to improve on it as time goes on.
Here's the first trailer for the film:


Film Budget: around 800$ (take that Blair Witch)
Film Duration: around 2h40 (it's an epic movie)
Amount of actors: around 23
Screenplay Written by: me
Directors: me and Mike
Amount of Scenes: 75
Film rating: probably gonna be R or NC-17 because of strong sex and violence


2 years ago, I met Danielle Hubbard at a club. We started talking and she told me to rent a movie that she starred in called CQ2. I didn't like the movie much, but I DID like her in it. I thought she looked interesting on camera. So, I asked her to be in a Scroll music video. The music video couldn't get off the ground, but we still kept in touch hoping one day to work together again.
Fast forward 6 months later, I'm working for a porn company, and getting tired of making what I call 'fast food art' which is porno. So, I decided to start working on a screenplay inspired by Danielle and CQ2. The story and style was/is inspired by movies like 'Wings of Desire', 'Paris Texas', 'Before Sunrise', 'Lost Highway', 'The Crying Game', 'Five Easy Pieces', Richard Kern movies and epic films of 70's.
It was important to me to make it in black in white, because it's more dream-like and it fit the indie vibe I wanted.
Me and Mike (my co-worker) started filming on our days off. (usually on the weekends) Most of the time we would film once or twice a week depending on the importance.
I decided to cast myself in the leading role, not because of ego, but because I was affordable, consistent and would always show up. And let's say I wouldn't like the performance, it would be on me and not some poor schmuck I'd have to bitch at.
Even though I went to acting school for a few weeks a year when I was a teenager, I never considered myself CLOSE to a real actor. And I would be lying if I'd say acting in this movie was easy. Cuz it fucking wasn't. I was in over my head a lot of the time. And it didn't help that I was focusing on all the other actors performances, while nobody was directing me. Many times, I'd ask Mike if 'this' was good, or if 'that' was bad. I had almost no sense of self when it came to the camera.
Danielle, on the other hand, did have a sense of self. Her acting ability was actually impressive. I know I'm a fairly good director when it comes to getting good performances from people and I got some great performances out of her in many of her scenes-I would tell her a complex emotion, and she would pull it off in one or two takes. Most of her performance in the movie is nothing short of Oscar worthy. I'm not exagerating.
Set (my guitarist in the Scroll) had a pretty big part too, and I must say he did a great job. He's got acting skills and is always consistent.
The other actors, most whom are my close friends, were at time surprisingly good. It's amazing to think that most of their performances were as good as legit hollywood movie actors. Impressive.
Near the end of the filming, I noticed I had become a better performer than before. The first dialogue scene was a nightmare for me. But as time went on, I began to know my strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I'm a good subtle underplayer while Danielle and Set are good overplayers. While I tried to bring their performances down, I tried my best to bring mine up.
We shot all the non dialogue summer scenes first. Then started the dialogue scenes until one week before christmas. And after a month break, we started filming the winter scenes in the middle on January.
I must say that I've never been so uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold in my life. Filming during the winter is not recommended. I apologize to all the people who had to freeze their balls off just to do this movie.
Making movies is hard. And even harder if you don't know a lot about it. (which I do) There was rarely a day that was easy and smooth. You gotta be a good troubleshooter. (which I am) But even that doesn't stop the brutal learning process that goes on when you try to make a legit feature film. I mean, think about the amount of fucking up that can occur during just one scene: the acting is bad, the lighting is bad, the sound is bad, the music is bad, the editing is bad, the script is bad, etc.... Hard stuff that might not even pay off.
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